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The First Chess and Carrom Tournament at Shri Dwarkamai

The Dwarkamai Sports Team organized their first Chess and Carrom Indoor Tournament for Charity at Shri Dwarkamai Vidyapeeth in Billerica, Massachusetts on February 16th,2013.

The community was invited to participate in the event and about 60 participants had registered on the Dwarkamai website. There was a snow storm on the day of the tournament and despite of the bad weather we had more than 50 participants at the tournament making this event a success.

Based on the participants, we conducted Chess Tournaments in 4 categories …

(1) for children below 10, (2) for children above 10, (3) Adult - Men and (4) Adult - Women.

The winners and runners of the Chess Tournaments are listed as below:

  • Chess for Children below 10:
    • Winner: Rohan Manne
    • Runner: Vaishnavi Kode
  • Chess for Children above 10:
    • Winner:  Manas Purohit
    • Runner: Shivali Shrivastava
  • Chess for Adult:
    • Men's:
      • Winner:  Ashok Sunkara
      • Runner: Madhu Purushotham
    • Women's:
      • Winner: Devi Narayanan
      • Runner: Preethi Shrivastava


Based on the participants, we conducted Carrom Tournaments in 4 categories …

(1) Singles for Children, (2) Doubles for Children, (3) Singles for Adults and, (2) Doubles for Adults.

The winners and runners of the Carrom Tournaments are listed as below:

  • Carrom Singles for Children:
    • Winner: Manas Purohit
    • Runner: Rohit Pathak
  • Carrom Doubles for Children:
    • Winners: Manas Purohit and Chirag Patil
  • Carrom Singles for Adults:
    • Winner: Jayaram Chaturvedula
    • Runner: Vaishnavi Kode
  • Carrom Doubles for Adults:
    • Winners: Jayaram Chaturvedula and Hari

We raised about $500 at the tournament and donated the same to the Perkins School Of Blind. We had hoped to do a similar event at our Gurusthan Temple in Northborough the following day. But due to bad weather and less participation we had to cancel the same. In the future we will encourage our neighbors and friends near the Gurusthan Temple to participate in all our sports events.

We thank all the participants who made this a splendid experience to all. We also thank our volunteers of the Dwarkamai Sports Team (Prasad Pathak, Vijay Patil, Madhu Purushotham, Devi Narayanan and Nilesh Gunda) for their tireless efforts in making this event a success. 

We hope to see you all soon at our next tournament. So Long …. Dwarkamai Sports Team.