Cricket Tournament Rules and FAQs

Dwarkamai Cricket Tournament Rules

Thanks to all for registering your team for this good cause. Please familiarize yourself and your team members with our tournament rules:

Tournament format:

  •  The first round will be round robin (held on Saturday 9/16) – only two (2) teams from each group will qualify for the next round. Team winning the highest points in each group will proceed to the next round.


  • Winner will get 2 points, Loser will get 0 point, and in case of a TIE both teams get 1 point each.
  • In case where 2 teams have the same points within the same group, one SUPER OVER WILL BE PLAYED between those 2 teams to qualify for the quarter final round.
  • This is because those 2 teams may not have played with the same opponents in same group.

  • The second round onward will be knock out format (held on Sunday 9/17), and will start with the quarter final matches, then moving on to the semis and then the final match.

  • QTR FINAL ONWARDS if teams are TIED then SUPER OVER WILL BE PLAYED between those 2 teams to qualify for semis/finals.


  • It is very important for your team to arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled start of your match, so that the organizers can register your team, obtain required information, etc.
    • If all the players of any team have not arrived at start time, the match will start with whatever players are there. Late comers can join when they arrive.
    • If the complete team doesn’t show up within 15 minutes of the match’s scheduled start time, umpires will grant a walk over to the team present.
      • Please respect the start times, because we are running on a strict schedule, and are paying per hour for the field permits, so your help is greatly appreciated in keeping the schedule running in an organized and timely fashion.

  • All international cricket rules will be followed, which includes wides, no-balls, byes, and over throws.
    • The only exceptions are that LBW and leg byes will not be followed.
    • Also, we will not follow the new international rule of free hit on a no ball.

  • Each team will comprise of six (6) players:
    • One player can represent one team only.
    • Bowling will be from one side of the wicket only.
    • A total innings comprises of 6 overs. Five (5) of your players are required to bowl these overs (meaning only 1 player can bowl a maximum of 2 overs). This rule has been modified this year to accommodate a specialist batsman in the team. There will be no excuses to a player not bowling his designated over(s).
      • Note: Only in extreme circumstances, e.g. player injured, the umpire and opposite team’s captain will together decide if they will allow an exemption to a player from bowling his designated over.
    • There is no such requirement of overs limitation while batting.
    • Last man batting will be allowed. You will be required to have a runner at the other end. Please note that even if the player on the non-striking end is run-out, the last man is considered out.
    • A batsman who retires/declares is not considered out and is allowed to bat later, but only after all but one of the other players in his team is out.

  • We will be marking the boundary around the field, except for behind the wicket: if the ball crosses the fence behind the wicket, then 2 runs will be declared to the batting team. Likewise, there’s a bench on 1 of the fields and if a ball hits/goes under the bench, then 2 runs will be declared to the batting team.

  • We will have a standard wide line (one bat’s length from the middle stump on the off and one bat’s handle from the middle stump on the leg) to avoid any dispute. We will also be marking the popping and return crease lines (for bowling).

  • Please note that umpire’s decision is final, and no argument will be tolerated with the umpire. If your team wants to express any concern during the game, only the team captain is allowed to communicate it to the umpire.
    • If any argument arises on the field, the umpire will immediately return your registration fee and your team will be out of the tournament.
      • We would like to stress on the fact that this a tournament being organized for a good cause, so let’s play the game in the true spirit of cricket and in a friendly & respectful environment.

  • Teams are encouraged to bring their own cricket bats. If you do not have one, we will provide you the bat. Ball for every match will be provided by the organizers.

  • Match coordinators will have final decisions on any match related issues.
    • Each team should provide an extra player who will sit together along with one of our volunteers and do scoring.

  • If matches cannot be completed during the scheduled days/times either due to bad weather or insufficient time, they will be played during the subsequent weekends. Organizers will inform the time and venue in advance.

Finally, this tournament is being held for a good cause and our goal is to have all players contribute their best to the team’s cause, enjoy physical activity, and have a great time – but in a cordial environment. Any unnecessary argument will only force your team out and cause an unnecessary uncomfortable situation for organizers and players, so we request you to play the game in the true spirit – freely and without any disagreements.

Note: Snacks and water bottles will be available at the grounds at a minimal cost, the proceeds of which will go towards the good cause.

************************** Thanks for your participation and Good Luck! ********************